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Book Title: When love happens
Author:  Manish Kumar
Format:  Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 152
Publisher:  Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Publishing Date:  6th  Nov 2017
Printed Price: INR  132
ISBN-10: 938702203X
ISBN-13: 978-9387022034

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘ When love happens ‘ gives the reader an absolute idea that it’s going to be a love story.

Book Cover :
The book cover is nice and decent. The couple’s silhouette image  is nice.

The story is about a young ambitious guy, who dreams to conquer the world. To graduate from a premier institute has been a driving force that makes him successful.

During this journey, a love story starts weaving around the protagonist’s life. The new events in life throw  new challenges that  are hard to manage and the couple finds it difficult to maintain a balance in life.

With perseverance and faith in life, the story line inspires the reader with the struggle the protagonist faces. Usage of good poetry also added beauty to the plot.

All the characters are very well scripted.

The narration is  nice and interesting.

Language and Vocabulary:
The language, grammar and vocabulary is well maintained.

My Final Verdict—
A sweet story that can be read once!

Book title:  5/5
Book Cover:  4/5
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Narration: 5/5
Language and Vocabulary: 4/5

I personally rate the book  5 out of 5
















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