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Book TitleSea of Kashmir
Author: Chitrajit Paul
Format: Kindle
Total Number of Pages: 92
Publisher:  Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Publishing Date:  2017
Printed Price: INR 170

Book Title:
The book title ‘Sea of Kashmir’ is very beautiful and intriguing.

Book Cover :
The book cover is as good as the title. It would have been better if Dal Lake was in the background, but to compliment the title, a sea’s image was used.

There are few books that hold a good story line along with  the history in the background if the story line is about a place. If the same story also has a intertwined another story in parallel, the plot becomes interesting.

This book also has the same flavor. The plot offers the reader a good socio political issue based story.

All the characters are very interestingly shaped.

The narration of the story is the most interesting thing.

Language and Vocabulary:
The language is simple and same can be said for the vocabulary.

My Final Verdict—

A perfect read for the weekend to know the beauty of the  Kashmir.

Book title: 4/5
Book Cover: 3/5
Plot: 3.5/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Narration: 3.8/5
Language and Vocabulary: 3.5/5

I personally rate the book 3.8 out of 5





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